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  • Through the International marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT” and all its parallel events, our goal is to highlight globally a historic route, and the importance of Thessaloniki and Macedonia as a centre of history, culture and sports.
  • In addition, we want to offer the citizens, through all the road races of the organization, the opportunity to run or walk for the performance and the joy of participation, aiming to the promotion of a healthy model of life as well as the enhancement of the quality of their life.
  • Therefore, it is our commitment to provide excellent services to all the runners, to our volunteers, sponsors and all those people that collaborate with us for the success of this event.


Our goals for the International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT” are:

  • To gain prestige abroad, similar to that of the major Marathons of the world.
  • We want Greeks to consider it as a “National and Tourist product”, that can be used to display and promote our country and contribute to the financial development of Central Macedonia.
  • To be settled in the global market as “The Marathon of History”.
  • To increase its entries by 20% per year.
  • To increase the interest of Greeks concerning Health Races and a healthy lifestyle.
  • To establish itself as the event with the greatest social and economic impact in Northern Greece and one of the top annual events in the country, with multiple importance.

Marathon Moments

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